API Responses - Status Codes

The platform API returns a number of different HTTP status codes in the response depending on the incoming request and the state of the system.

Successful Requests

For requests, that are successful, 2xx status codes are returned.

Status CodeDescription
200 OKThe request was successfully processed
201 CreatedThe request was successfully processed and one or more resources was created
202 AcceptedThe request was successfully accepted for processing. This is usually used when the request is processed asynchronously.

Failed Requests

For requests, that are not successful, 4xx status codes are returned if the incoming request has errors or 5xx errors if caused due to issues in the platform.

Status CodeDescription
400 Bad RequestThe incoming request is not well-formed, does not conform to the schema or violates data validation rules.
403 ForbiddenThe incoming request is valid but does not have the authorization to access the target resource.
404 Not FoundIndicates that the requested resource does not exist. This could be caused because the resource is not available or due to insufficient access privileges for the requested resource.
500 Internal Server ErrorAn internal error occurred in the platform indicating that something unexpected happened in the platform
503 Service UnavailableAn internal error that indicates the the platform is unable to handle the request and likely will be alleviated after some time.