BigCommerce Integration Steps


This guide describes the steps to integrate Bread into the BigCommerce platform. It will explain how to install and configure the Bread App.

Install the Bread Pay App

Installation Steps

  1. Get started by navigating to the BigCommerce App Marketplace. While logged into your store admin, use the left-hand menu to select Apps > Marketplace. Click the link to the marketplace.

  1. Search for “Bread” and click on the Bread Pay™ App pictured in the red square below. Click "Get This App", and then Install.

Configure the Bread Pay App Settings

Plugin Settings And Configuration

In this section, we will first walk through the steps to get Bread working on your BigCommerce site. There will be additional configuration options found at the bottom of the section that can be customized to your preference later.

Once the Bread App is installed, you can find it in your store under Apps > My Apps > Bread Pay. Click on Bread Pay to access the app, then click on General Settings from within the app.

Enter Your Sandbox API Keys

When first setting up Bread Pay™ it is recommended to test in Sandbox Mode. Your Bread API keys, which tie transactions made from your store to your Bread account, should be entered into API Key, API Secret and Integration Key under API Settings.

  1. Find your sandbox API keys in the Preview Bread Merchant Portal.
    a. This is your sandbox merchant portal — If you do not have access, contact your Bread Pay point of contact.
    b. Your API, Secret, and Integration keys will be listed within the Bread merchant portal under Account Settings > Access Keys.

  1. Copy the required keys and paste them in their corresponding fields within the BigCommerce app.
    a. Additionally, when using preview keys make sure Sandbox Mode is enabled.
  2. Once these changes have been made, click Save.

Add Bread Placements to Your Site

Adding Bread to the Product Details Page

  1. Navigate to the Product Page Settings in the menu . Make sure Product promotions are enabled and click Save.

Adding Bread to the Cart Summary Page

  1. Navigate to the Cart Page Settings in the menu . Make sure Cart promotions are enabled and click Save.

Adding Bread to the Checkout Page

  1. Navigate back to the General Settings and scroll down to Payment Method.
  2. You should now see additional options
    a. Note: ALL products are REQUIRED to have product images and SKUs for Bread to load successfully on your checkout page.
  3. Select Cash on Delivery (recommended) or another preferred unused payment method in the Drop down. We recommend using **Bread Pay™" as the payment label. The unused Payment method selected here will be replaced by Bread Pay™.

  1. Next we need to setup the unused Payment Method selected in Step 3. While logged into your BigCommerce admin, navigate to Settings, Under Setup click Payments.

  1. If your store uses BigCommerce Optimized One-Page Checkout, scroll down and expand Offline Payment Methods. Next to the Payment method chosen in step 3 (Cash on Delivery is recommended), click Set Up.

  1. Configuration may vary depending on the Payment Method Chosen. Be Sure to set this Payment Method for USD. Enter a Display Name such as "BreadPay™". Set Available Countries to "United States" and leave a customizable message that will be displayed upon checkout confirmation (this is required for COD). Then Click Save.

  1. You should now be able to see the payment method on the checkout page.