Configuring Enhanced Checkout

This section is relevant, if you’re doing account lookup and checkout for returning cardholders through Enhanced Digital Suite on your website.

With the Enhanced Checkout capability, you will present a standard placement on your website, typically a checkout screen. When the placement is clicked, an overlay experience to perform the account lookup will automatically display to the user. If the user is successfully able to lookup their account, they will (optionally) be presented with available rewards certificate information to use during checkout, if applicable.

Upon successful completion of this experience, a RECEIVE_ACCOUNT_EXISTS event (see Events for details) will be sent to the client containing a callId. Just as with the Apply & Buy flow, this callId can be used to perform a back-end ALU call to retrieve the actual card information to be used during Authorization. In addition to the callId, relevant rewards certificate information will be returned in the event, if applicable. This includes both a full list of the valid certs and the users initial selection.