Configuring Unified Prequalification

This section is relevant, if you are using our Unified Prequalification flow for acquisition of new cardholders alongside Bread Installment/BNPL (Buy now Pay later) products all in one unified flow.

With the Unified Prequal capability, you will present a standard placement on your website. When the placement is clicked, an overlay experience will automatically display to the user. When the user chooses to continue and enters in their information, they will be presented with the results indicating which products (if any) they were prequalified for. If it's a card product, prospective credit limit is also shown.

Most of this flow integrates in the same way as our other acquistion flow(s). (see Installation of SDK). The main difference for Unified Prequal is a list of some additional events to subscribe to, for both functional and analytics purposes.

window.BreadPayments.on("EVENT_NAME", (eventData) => {
    // Handle or log eventData in your system

Unified-Prequal-specific Events Below (for a complete list of Events with full details, please see Events)

EventDescriptionCallback parameter example
UNIFIED:UNIFIED_OFFERS_RECEIVEDIndicates the user has reached the prequalified offers step. Lists the offers given/shown.object

CARD:RECEIVE_PREQUAL_APPLICATION_RESULTIndicates the user completed a card-based prequal application to the end. Indicates the result of the application, i.e. Approved, Declined, etcobject

CARD:SUBMIT_PREQUAL_APPLICATIONIndicates the user has submitted their card-based prequalification application.object

BNPL:RECEIVE_UNIFIED_CHECKOUT_APPLICATION_RESULTIndicates the user completed a non-card-based (Installment/BNPL product) Prequal application to the end. Indicates the result of the action, i.e Approved or not.object