Easy-to-Use Marketing Assets Overview

The Bread Pay Marketing Toolkit

We understand you are busy growing your business, so we’ve taken the time to create Bread Pay marketing assets you can easily leverage across your website, social media, and email communications.


Explore and Download

Our finance-focused, consumer facing, easy-to-use content assets are available for download today.

We currently offer the following assets:

Our Buy Now, Pay Later assets that can be leveraged today, tomorrow, or whenever.

Your one stop shop for holiday and season-inspired content assets.

When you want to further sweeten the deal for customers with a promotional 0% APR, leverage these assets.

  • Note: Only eligible for use if you offer the 0% APR terms states
  • Note: These disclosures are specific to merchants offering 0% APR on Bread Pay's newest platform


Important Note

Given Bread Pay is a highly regulated financial product, all Bread Pay marketing assets must meet strict regulation guidelines.

In order to market Bread Pay on any of your channels you must:

  • Meet regulatory guidelines for marketing copy and disclosures as laid out in the linked pages above by the Bread Pay compliance team
  • Send all financing-related assets for compliance review by sharing with your Bread Pay merchant success point of contact at [email protected]
    • Please allow for 7 business days from receipt of assets for compliance review
  • Prior to publishing assets, receive approval from the Bread Pay Compliance team. You may not put marketing related to our products in front of customers without receiving approval.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Merchant Success point of contact at [email protected].