How to Create Custom Carts


Carts is a method for you to create a pre-transaction or Bread Pay™ transactions that occur outside of the standard e-commerce flow (ie. phone sales). You have the ability to create a Cart through the Bread Pay Merchant Portal or directly through the Carts Service.


Important to Know

  • In order to create a cart, you MUST be enrolled in an e-commerce program or else the Cart will not save.
    • Healthcare merchants will only be able to create a cart with a Cart Total. You will not be able to add
      individual items.
    • Any phone numbers entered into the Carts form must be a valid phone number.
    • Carts email checkout links will expire in 7 days after the Cart is created.

How To Create a Cart in the Merchant Portal

  1. Log into Merchant Portal and navigate to 'Carts' in the left navigation bar.

  1. In the Carts list view, select 'Create New Cart'.



The Carts list view will display all ACTIVE carts. Expired Carts will not be displayed.

  1. Fill out the Create Cart form with:
  • Items to be purchased by the buyer
  • Price adjustments that apply to the entire cart
  • Buyer's residential/billing information -- please note that the phone number must be a valid phone number.
  • Buyer's shipping information
  • [Optional] Merchant-defined URLs:
  • Callback URL - URL where Carts service will POST the transaction ID and order reference ID following a successful checkout
  • Checkout Success URL - URL where the buyer will be redirected following a successful checkout (ie. confirmation page)
  • Checkout Error URL - URL where the buyer will be redirected following an unsuccessful checkout (ie. error or troubleshooting page
  • Consent Agreement

  1. [Optional] Switch to the 'Enter Cart Total' Create Cart form. With this form, the Cart is created with a final order total instead of adding individual items.
  • Enter Order Total replaces adding individual items.
  • Price adjustments are also removed in place of a single Order Total
  • The remaining Customer Details, URLs, and Agreement sections are the same.
  • Note: Healthcare merchants will only have the option to create a cart with an Order Total
  • Note: When switching between Cart forms, the items and enter order total will be reset. However any Customer Details, URLs, and Agreement populated will remain.

  1. Upon saving, the created Cart will display in the Carts list view and the Carts email will be sent to the inputted email address

  1. The buyer will receive the Carts email and select the 'Checkout Now' button


Email will only be valid for 7 days.

  1. The buyer will be directed to our Checkout Application to go through the usual checkout flow. The inputted information in the Create Cart form will be pre-filled for the buyer.

  1. When the buyer completes the checkout, a transaction is created and will be displayed within the transaction list within Merchant Portal (along with all other transactions)

  2. In the Carts list view, the you can (1) manually expire a Cart and (2) resend the Carts email.