Development and Testing

Preview Environment Testing Data

You can leverage the following dummy data when testing Bread in Preview mode -

  • Any email, and Mobile Phone # (Use a random sequence of 10 digits – don’t use duplicates or sequential numbers (e.g. 555-555-5555 or 123-456-7890)
  • Mobile Code / Token: 1234
  • Any First Name, Last Name, and Street Address
  • Birth Date: A birth date before 2000
  • SSN: Use a random sequence of 9 digits – don’t use duplicates or sequential numbers

If you are testing SplitPay, please use the below Card information -

  • Card: 4242424242424242
  • CVV/CVC: 123
  • Expiration: Any date in the future



You will not receive emails or text messages when testing in Preview mode. Please try to vary email address / phone number details inputted into the modal if you are running into issues submitting test applications and checkouts in Bread's Preview environment.

Preview Environment Testing Guidelines

Test applications and checkouts should be completed at each step of the shopping journey where Bread placements are enabled. Generally, this means:

  • Product Detail Page
  • Cart Page
  • Financing Page
  • Checkout / Payment page

Checkouts that pull upon a variety of use cases should be completed to ensure situations that may modify the price are taken into account. A non-exhaustive list of these are:

  • Checkouts with and without taxes
  • Checkouts with and without shipping costs
  • Checkouts where billing and shipping addresses are different
  • Checkouts with and without discounts applied
    • Discount codes
    • Cart-rule discounts
  • Checkouts with and without add-ons / configuration changes
    • Ensure that configurations show up as expected in your systems
  • Checkouts across different browsers: (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, IE)

A successful checkout is one where all of the following apply:

  • A new transaction is created in the Bread merchant portal with an accurate transaction amount
  • The Bread transaction is in an "Authorized" or "Settled" state
  • The order appears as expected in your order management system (OMS)
  • The Bread transaction has an "Order ID" in the Merchant Portal that accurately matches the order identifier from your OMS

Integration Best Practices

Bread should be integrated throughout the entire customer shopping journey to maximize customer awareness of financing. See below for additional guidelines on our integration best practices.

  • All totals must be configured in cents
  • It is best practice to pass Bread billing information via the buyer object when possible (e.g. checkout page), to streamline the customer experience and pre-populate fields to avoid double entry of information.
  • totalPrice must equal subTotal + totalTax + totalShipping - totalDiscounts to pass the SDK's order validation rules.
  • Cart item information should also be passed to Bread whenever possible via the items array. While values in the items array are not subject to SDK validation rules, they should be enriched accurately as this information will be displayed in the Bread modal during the checkout process, and is also displayed in the Merchant and Member Portals associated with specific transactions.
  • allowCheckout should be set to true ONLY on pages where customers are permitted to complete a checkout.
  • At a minimum, shippingAddress must be provided to Bread as part of the buyer object, when allowCheckout is set to true . A buyer object is not required when allowCheckout is set to false.
  • Event handlers must be registered for both INSTALLMENT:APPLICATION_DECISIONED and INSTALLMENT:APPLICATION_CHECKOUT to render placements.
  • It is best practice to pass Bread an externalID using Bread's Transaction API Update endpoint. This represents a merchant's own order ID, and is displayed in the Bread Merchant Portal (screenshot below) and Settlement Report to facilitate payment reconciliation.
  • The metadata object can also be leveraged via the Update endpoint to send Bread other external information associated with specific transactions.

Moving from Preview to Production

Preview SDK URL: <script src=""></script>
Preview API URL:

When you are ready to launch, ensure you are pointing at Bread's production environments. Your integration manager will provide you with production API keys.

Production SDK URL: <script src=""></script>
Production API URL:



The integrationKey is leveraged to render Bread placements via the SDK. Your API and secret keys are used to authenticate requests against our Transaction API. All keys can be found in your Merchant Portal.