Managing Transactions

A Bread transaction is created when a customer successfully checks out. For each transaction, a unique transactionID is generated that can be used to perform order management actions (authorize, settle, refund, etc.) against.

Bread transactions can be managed through the following channels:

  • Bread Merchant Portal: Transactions can be managed manually in the Merchant Portal. You can also search, sort, and filter transactions and view the cumulative sales matrix.
  • Bread Transactions API: Order management can be performed programmatically by leveraging our Transactions API.
  • A supported third-party platform: If you are using one of Bread’s supported e-commerce plugins, Bread orders can be managed through the normal actions taken in your platform’s order management system. View your platform's documentation to see if you can manage your Bread transactions in your platform's admin panel.


Managing Transactions within the Merchant Portal

When managing Bread transactions, note that actions taken in the Merchant Portal do NOT reflect in your order management system (OMS).