Pay Over Time Options

Learn about Bread’s pay over time products that can be offered to your customers.


Bread Pay Installments are an easy and effective way to allow your customers to purchase what they want now and pay over time in monthly payments that fit their budget.

Installments Application

Customers can find out if they prequalify in seconds by entering the following pieces of information into the Bread Installments application:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • U.S. cell phone number
  • Billing address
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number

Once the customer prequalifies, they can check out with the offered loan term that works best for their budget.

Installments Availability & Eligibility

  • Location: Installments are available in all U.S. states. Installments are also not available in U.S. territories or Puerto Rico. If a customer’s billing address reflects that they reside in one of these locations, Bread’s modal will clarify that financing is unavailable in their location and to please check out via other means.
  • Age: Customers must be at least 18 years old (or over 19 for Alabama and Nebraska residents).

Other Requirements:

  • Customers must have a valid mobile number that can receive SMS tokens.

Loan Term Options

Unless otherwise negotiated by a shared outside partner, Bread Pay merchants can change their loan programs by writing into their Merchant Success point of contact.

Here are our best practices when selecting what loan program you would like to offer:

  1. Offer a maximum of 3-4 loan terms to avoid customer decision paralysis.
  2. Consider your Average Order Value (AOV):
  • If you have a lower AOV ($100-$900), pursue shorter terms e.g. 3-,6-, and 12-months.
  • If you are a higher AOV merchant ($900+), pursue longer terms e.g. 12-, 18-, 24-months.
  1. Margin permitting, offer at least one 0% APR term to maximize sales.
  • The longer the 0% opportunity, the greater the power. However, even a short term 0% APR opportunity will drive conversions.
  • You can also consider running a promotional 0% as a trial or target the 0% APR product based on customer cart size if margins are thin.

You may change the loan terms you offer at any point in your relationship with Bread, either permanently or promotionally. Please visit the Change Your Loan Program section for instructions on how to update your terms and allow three business days for any changes to be made.


Bread Pay™ SplitPay is a payment option that enables customers to pay for their purchase with four equal and interest-free payments using a personal credit card or debit card. The customers' first payment is due at the time of purchase. The remaining three payments will be automatically processed every two weeks until the purchase is paid off.

A customer can only have one Bread Pay™ SplitPay loan at a time. The customer will not be able to take out another Bread Pay SplitPay loan until after they have paid back the first Bread Pay SplitPay loan.

Customers can make payments for Bread Pay SplitPay™ via a personal debit card or credit card.

SplitPay Availability & Eligibility

  • Location: SplitPay is available to customers in all US states. It is also unavailable in US territories and Puerto Rico.
  • Age: To proceed with SplitPay, customers must be at least 18 years old (or over 19 for Alabama or Nebraska residents).

Other Requirements:

  • Customers must have a valid U.S. mobile number that can receive SMS tokens; and
  • Customers must have a debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) with enough capacity to support the first and second payments of their order, which is determined by putting temporary holds (and immediate releases) on the card.