Settlement Reporting

Learn about Bread's Settlement Report and how to reconcile your Bread deposits.

What is A Settlement Report?

The Settlement Report provides a detailed .csv of funding activity occurring within a selected time period. This includes transactions that are settled, refunded, chargedback, cancelled, and expired. Settlement reports are typically used by merchant accounting teams for reconciliation purposes.

How is a Daily Balance Calculated?

A daily balance is calculated by: [daily balance = settlements - refunds - chargebacks - fees - negative daily balance from previous day]. A positive daily balance will result in an ACH payment made to your bank account in 0-2 business days. The Settlement Report includes all funding events included in the daily balance calculation.


Good to Know

NOTE: Typically, all settled transactions are funded by Bread Pay on a daily basis. After transactions are settled, funds are expected to appear in your account within 0-2 business days via ACH.

How to Download a Settlement Report?

The settlement report can be accessed under the "Reporting" dropdown in the Bread Pay Merchant Portal. You can download a list of transactions within a 100 day date range with the "Download CSV Report" option.

User Guide

  1. Log into the Merchant Portal
  2. In the left navigation bar, select ‘Settlement Report’

  1. Select a specific date range or one of the preset options on the left side panel.

  1. Select the ‘Download CSV Report’ button and the file will automatically be generated for use.

Settlement Report Column Definitions

Below you will see a list of definitions for the column names you will see in the csv Settlement Report you download.

Column NameDescription
ach_effective_dateThe date that funds are deposited in a merchant account
bank_request_dateThe date and time when Bread requests funds, based on a merchant’s previous day funding events
funding_event_dateThe date of the funding event action taken by a merchant (settlement or refund)
customer_nameThe name of the customer associated with the transaction
bread_productThe Bread payment product (e.g. "INSTALLMENTS")
bread_transaction_IDA unique ID generated for each Bread transaction
merchant_order_IDAn external order ID, sent to Bread in the UPDATE request to Bread's Transaction API
transaction_creation_dateThe date the transaction was created
transaction_amountThe total checkout amount of the transaction
funding_event_typeThe type of funding event for the transaction (e.g. SETTLE or REFUND)
funding_event_amountThe amount that is settled or refunded. A positive amount indicates that the transaction was settled while a negative amount indicates it was refunded
funding_event_feesThe positive or negative amount of fees associated with the funding event
transaction_feeTransaction fees associated with the transaction. This value may be 0
total_settled_amountThe total positive or negative settled amount deposited or netted on the ach_effective_date
currencyCurrency of the transaction (USD)
bread_merchant_IDBread unique ID for a merchant
merchant_nameThe merchant name
location_reference_IDThe location ID associated with a merchant. Not all merchants will need a location ID


Note on Refunds

Refunded amounts are netted from daily ACH payments. Funding event fees on refunds are reflected as positive amounts, as Bread will return fees originally netted from settled transactions.

View and download a sample settlement report HERE