Targeting Export


When you click on "Targeting Export" under the Marketing Tool tab in your merchant portal, you can download a .csv file with information on buyers who have submitted a financing application. You can use the date range clicker to select the custom date range you're interested in.



Targeting Exports are typically updated in real time.


Targeting Export Glossary

Application Updated Date
Date when the application was last updated
Name Customer's first and last name
Email Customer's email address
Access to Financing Is the customer able to check out with Bread financing at this time?
Currency The currency associated with the Cart Total and Capacity
Cart Total Cart total at the time of the application. If the customer applied without a cart, this will display as “None”
Checkout Status Did the customer complete a checkout after completing a Bread financing application?
Phone Number Customer's phone number
State Customer's home state
Capacity The applicant's current maximum-approved loan amount
Items Item names in the customer's cart, if available