Upgrade Your BigCommerce Store to the Bread 2.0 Platform

The Bread Pay™ 2.0 Platform is here and we’ve enhanced our product with your business in mind! This upgrade will unlock enhancements designed to drive conversion for your business.


This platform upgrade is required in 2023.

Upgrade Steps:

Step 1: Locate Your Platform API Key, API Secret, and Integration Keys

In order to upgrade you will need Platform Access Keys. These keys are available in your new Merchant Portal.

  • Sandbox versions of these keys are located in the Preview Portal and can be used to run test transactions.
  • It is recommended to work with the preview keys first. Access to the Merchant Portals will be setup by the Integration Manager supporting you during the upgrade.
  • You can learn more about logging in to the Merchant Portal here.

Bread Platform Live Credentials: https://merchants.platform.breadpayments.com
Bread Platform Preview Credentials: https://merchants-preview.platform.breadpayments.com

Once logged in, first click on "Account Settings". Then click on the Account Settings drop down and select "Access Keys" to view your credentials. Keep this page open as you will need to reference these keys shortly.

Step 2: Delete the Bread Script from Script Manager

The old Bread script needs to be removed from your site for the new version to operate properly.

Navigate to Storefront -> Script Manager. Locate the Bread Script that was previously created. Click on the more options Ellipsis (3 dots) and then click Delete.

Step 3: Install the New Bread Pay™ App

While logged into your store admin, navigate to the Bread Pay™ App located on the BigCommerce App Marketplace.

The App can be located here: https://www.bigcommerce.com/apps/bread-pay/

Once you have located our new Bread Pay™ App (Highlighted in the in the Image below). Click "GET THIS APP" and then complete the Install.

Step 4: Configure and Save Your Settings

Once the new Bread Pay™ App is installed, you can find it in your store under Apps > My Apps > Bread Pay. Click on Bread Pay to access the app, then click on General Settings from within the app.

Enter the corresponding API Keys you located in Step 1. If you will be running test transactions be sure to use your preview keys and toggle on the switch for "Sandbox Mode".

Classic API keys are required to manage orders created prior to the upgrade. If your Classic API keys are not entered, copy them from the old Bread app or from your Classic Merchant portal.

Once all Keys have been entered, click Save.

Adding Bread to the Product Details Page
Navigate to the Product Page Settings in the menu . Make sure Product promotions are enabled and click Save

Adding Bread to the Cart Summary Page
Navigate to the Cart Page Settings in the menu . Make sure Cart promotions are enabled and click Save.


Previous Button Customization

Our enhanced platform renders the Bread buttons differently. Previously configured CSS in the old Bread App may not apply to the new buttons. If you have any custom CSS it is recommended that you copy it from the old App now and save it locally. You may need to reference the previous CSS when styling the new button.

Adding Bread to the Checkout Page
Navigate back to the General Settings and scroll down to Payment Method.

In the Method drop down select the Payment Method that Bread Pay™ will replace. If possible, select the same method that you had used and configured for the old app. Enter your desired Payment Label and then click Save. The Payment Label should be "Bread Pay™" or "Buy Now Pay Later with Bread Pay™", alternative configurations may require compliance approval. If you need to setup and configure a new payment method, follow the integration steps found here.

Step 5: Uninstall the old Bread App from your BigCommerce Store

Once everything is setup and configured in the new Bread Pay™ app you will need to remove the old Bread App. Settings from the old app should have automatically transferred over, but you may choose to verify your configuration and customization in the old app before removing.

In your Navigation Menu click on Apps › My Apps. Locate the old Bread App and click Uninstall.

Congratulations! You have upgraded to our enhanced Platform.